Hon. Antonio Lopez

East Palo Alto City Council

Candidate Statement

My name is Antonio Lopez. The son of Mexican immigrants, I was born and raised in East Palo Alto, a city exceptional in its poverty relative to its proximity to tech giants of the world. Yet it is all too familiar to inner cities throughout California, who are nestled in wealthy communities and yet not of them. While the bourgeoning tech boom turned Silicon Valley into one of the most affluent areas in the world, little of this wealth entered our city.

As a pandemic ravages through my hometown, I am reminded that words without action are just performance. The only reason the Democratic Party, or the press, has paid attention to groups like Latinos is because many of them voted Republican. The Democratic Party struggled attaining the votes of more liberal youth who identify as independents or socialists. We need leaders who will help us attract the next generation for the Democratic Party.

The newest generation of voters are losing confidence in our party not because they are too idealistic, but because they feel neglected by it. These new voters have politically matured in the wake of one of the lowest points in this country. While a president profited off fear-mongering, they witnessed a Democratic Party that at best patronizes their sentiments as naïve, and at worst rejects them altogether. If the Party is to remain the Party of justice, of equality for everyone, it needs to embrace its left-wing.

The future of this Party is one where youth can help steer its direction—and that begins with electing leadership that identifies and reflects that generation.

I announce my candidacy as someone who did not envision a career of politics for himself, but who did so because he saw a generational gap in leadership. I ran for City Council because I want to inspire the next generation of young leaders. I ran because I am tired of being a minority of a minority, because being a Marshall Scholar, a Duke and Oxford graduate, and PhD student at Stanford shouldn’t be a rarity in our community. My successful election is a demonstration of the hunger for change in this country, and yes, in this party.

As a delegate, I embrace the opportunity to take my advocacy beyond the local level, to help ensure that sustained attention is paid to communities like mine. I am eager to work alongside Party leaders to strategize how we can invite these new voices to the table.

We proudly ENDORSE Antonio Lopez for ADEM!

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