Dr. Forest Peterson


Activism focus: Labor Standards, Universal Childcare, Public Infrastructure

Candidate Statement

My name is Forest Peterson, and I would be honored to represent this district as an AD24 delegate. I am a business founder, an engineer, a union activist, a parent, a teacher, a public servant, and a construction laborer with a deep understanding of what working people in the Bay Area need.

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Time and again, I have been an advocate for those in need in our community. As a working PhD student, I fought for affordable housing, universal childcare, and dependent healthcare through the Stanford Solidarity Network, and succeeded in obtaining nearly $15,000,000 in grants to make doctoral studies affordable for students with children as well as establishing a monthly free food distribution for graduate students. I am a co-founder and labor representative for Rhumbix, a forty-million-dollar tech startup, where we build technology to help empower blue-collar workers and increase safety in the workplace. And when COVID-19 hit, I was a key member of Students for Workers’ Rights, organizing to protect contracted service workers on campus from layoffs and unfair treatment.

As a delegate, I will continue the work that I have begun as Santa Clara County’s first-ever labor standards investigator, to ensure the safety and fair treatment of workers throughout the district. I will continue the struggle to give every resident and every family the same opportunities not just to survive, but to succeed.


  • Steering Committee of the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition

  • Elected Executive Board member of the Santa Clara County Construction Careers Association

  • Co-founder of the Stanford Student-Parent Alliance

  • Elected Sergeant at Arms of the Stanford Solidarity Network

  • Elected Coordinator of the American Federation of Teachers Committee on Political Education

  • Funded CTE research fellow at North Carolina State University

  • Friend of the Data, Planning, and Analysis Group (AED) Visualization in Transportation (AED80), Transportation Resource Board (TRB)

  • Through employment, a member in good standing:

    • LiUNA Local 185 (virtual technician foreman, and journeyman concrete laborer)

    • AFT Local 6157 (associate faculty in CTE)

    • SEIU 521 (lead labor standards investigator)

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We proudly ENDORSE Dr. Forest Peterson for ADEM!

  • Steve Chessin, Voting Reform Activist

  • Dr. Jennifer DiBrienza, Palo Alto USD Trustee & Activist

  • Dr. Meghan Fraley, Doctor and Activist

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims, Author & Palo Alto Council Member-elect

  • Ben Spielberg, Educator and Activist

  • Cari Templeton, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner

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