Kevin Ma

Palo Alto

Candidate Statement

Hi! I’m Kevin, a young tech worker renting in Palo Alto. I work to further causes that address the inequalities starkly apparent in our region.

TL;DR: We need to build more housing and enforce strong tenant protections. We need to make less-car-centric neighborhoods and electrify buildings. We need a criminal justice system that is equitable and rehabilitation-focused. See others in my slate at

Tenants face high rents, and our pathways to assist the homeless to a home are shaky and underfunded; the pandemic made this worse. We should make it faster to build affordable housing for all, be it public or private. We should be providing legal assistance and enforcing tenant protections. We shouldn’t throw our hands up saying, “it’s all built-up, move to Texas'' or play musical chairs with vehicle residents. I volunteered with SVDSA and MVHJC to force a community vote against MV city council’s RV ban. I volunteer with SHHAC to support and spread awareness of tenant protections.

The climate crisis looms over our futures, with the massive wildfires and the orange skies being appetizers for something likely worse. We should create walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly neighborhoods and make it easier to electrify buildings. We should not ignore the work necessary to retrofit multifamily buildings, and EVs and telework are not miracle solutions. I volunteer with the Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter to advocate for robust Climate Action Plans and with SVYCA to push for statewide environmental bills.

The pandemic and protests underscore the work we still need to do to advance social justice and equity. We should have a justice system that is equitable and rehabilitation-centered. We should have a health system that doesn’t leave people out. We shouldn’t have a legal system primarily of retribution with discretionary enforcement. I volunteer with MVCPRA to strengthen community oversight of policing and with SURJ@SH to push for alternatives to our current system.

The Democratic Party must ensure all people at minimum a decent livelihood. It must act to further this and not let them be empty words. Vote for me and other grassroots activists; more information about my slate at

We proudly ENDORSE Kevin Ma for ADEM!

  • California Democratic Renters Council

  • Our Revolution

  • Progressive Delegates Network

  • Peninsula for Everyone

  • Roots Action

  • Hon. Sally Lieber, Mountain View Council Member

  • Hon. Lenny Siegel, former Mountain View Mayor

  • Hon. Antonio Lopez, East Palo Alto Council Member

  • Hon. Alysa Cisneros, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Omar Din, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Essy Stone, Purissima Hills Water District Director

  • Hon. Cory Wolbach, former Council Member

  • Richard Mehlinger, Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Chair

  • Cari Templeton, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner

  • Linda Sell, Sunnyvale Democratic Club VP

  • Dr. Meghan Fraley, Activist

  • Raven Malone, Activist

  • Dr. Forest Peterson, Activist

  • Steve Chessin, Activist

Partial list. Titles and organizations listed for identification purposes only.