Dr. Meghan Fraley

Clinical Psychologist & Political Activist

Mountain View

Candidate Statement

Hi, I’m Dr. Meghan Fraley.

As we face picking up the pieces of devastation from a Trump Administration, and tackle the pandemic and recovering, we must put the people first and build a stronger Democratic Party- driven by the working people we claim to represent.

As a Clinical Psychologist and Community Organizer with decades of effective advocacy, I have the mental health expertise and the community advocacy background to get the job done. We need the party to truly represent the people, with action and compassion. We need a more truly inclusive party that is not afraid. I will work with my colleagues to fight for these needed changes.

Effective Leadership for Change and Equity

I have been active, fierce and effective advocate for economic justice, and a more equitable society for all in my community of Mountain View and throughout Santa Clara county over the past decade. In my work as a community activist and leader, most notably I have founded and the South Bay/Peninsula Raise the Wage Coalition, which led to $15/hr pay for 95% of min wage workers in Santa Clara County. In 2018, I led the campaign for a progressive business tax in Mountain View which won with over 70% voter approval leading to $10million new dollars of tax revenue yearly. 80% of these funds will be allocated to public transit projects ($6 million of which is from Google).

I Will Fight for You and Your Family

As your delegate, I will work with the strength and dedication this turning point in history requires to make Democratic platform promises, which are long overdue, a reality. Visit www.ad24.vote/candidates/meghan to learn more about me and our full slate of progressive changemakers. As a collaborator and coalition builder, together with other fierce advocates for an equitable society, I will fight for you and to bring change into the Democratic Party.

I would be honored to have your vote.

About Me:

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of the Cielo House treatment center. I hold a Master’s in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Sofia University. I founded the South Bay/Peninsula Raise the Wage Coalition, leading to $15/hr pay for 95% of min wage workers in Santa Clara County, and I am a former board member of the Northern California ACLU. I am actively involved in advocacy groups that fight against displacement, for tenant protections, and housing for all.

We proudly ENDORSE Dr. Meghan Fraley for ADEM!

  • Steve Chessin, Voting Reform Activist

  • Dr. Jennifer DiBrienza, Palo Alto USD Trustee & Activist

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims, Author & Palo Alto Council Member-elect

  • Dr. Forest Peterson, Labor Activist

  • Ben Spielberg, Educator and ActivistCari Templeton, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner

Partial list. Titles listed for identification purposes only.