Hon. Omar Din

Sunnyvale City Council

Activism focus: labor protections, a higher minimum wage, and more corporate regulations

Candidate Statement

My name is Omar and I am honored to be running to serve as an ADEM delegate for AD 24. I was recently elected to the City Council for the City of Sunnyvale. Through that position I am constantly fighting for a more livable, affordable, sustainable, and equitable city. Now, I’m asking for your vote as an ADEM delegate to bring that same leadership to our state Democratic Party.

I am running because we need better and bolder leadership by our party. California is a famously progressive state yet the policies and actions by our state government do not reflect these values. Between corporate interests and a lack of core values we fail to fight for those within our state who need government the most.

I will fight for more affordable housing and tenant protections statewide. We are in the midst of a housing crisis and as someone whose family has been renting my entire life I am well aware of the intense burden this crisis creates for people across the state. We need to rapidly build more housing with a focus on low income and middle income housing. Especially during the current pandemic we need to ensure that no one is being pushed out onto the street and evictions are stopped.

I’ll also push for stronger environmental safety action from our state. Global warming is an existential threat yet politicians routinely pretend it isn’t because of short term interests. We need the state to implement a green new deal and create the infrastructure and development necessary to stop our dependence on cars.

Finally, I’ll push for labor rights and a fair economy. Late stage capitalism has either created or greatly exacerbated all the issues we're facing. We need our government to step in against, and not on behalf of, our largest corporate interests. I will push for stronger labor protections, a higher minimum wage, and more corporate regulations.

To learn more about my campaign, please visit ad24.vote. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to earn your vote.

We proudly ENDORSE Omar Din for ADEM!

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