Raven Malone

Palo Alto

Candidate Statement

My name is Raven Malone, and I would be honored to represent this district as an AD-24 delegate for the Democratic party.

I am an Electrical Engineer, an advocate for social justice, and a community leader. As an Engineer, I have spent years working for the United States Military to make sure that our soldiers could succeed in their jobs. I look forward to applying those skills to making sure that we, the people, succeed. As an advocate for social justice, I have worked with other leaders in our community to start real conversations about the lack of equity in our communities. Growing up in the south has taught me just how important work like this is and I look forward to continuing this work.

We are dealing with an awful pandemic. Lives have been lost, people have been evicted, lost their jobs, and some are trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces and continue with this new normal that we are all left with. This won’t be an easy recovery, but I want to make sure that the Democratic party passes policies that help those who have been affected by COVID and puts in the work to continue moving us in the right direction. I also want to make sure that the party represents the voices of people often left behind. We need to do more for our marginalized communities, end systematic racism, create more affordable housing on all levels, advocate for healthcare for all, and ensure equality amongst races and genders. It’s time that we put people first. We must reform this system that causes the rich to continue getting richer while taking money from the schools and communities already struggling to succeed.

As your ADEM delegate, I will make sure that the Democratic party endorses and supports people who truly represent our values. I will make sure that our platform is a platform that fights for all people. Please join me.

We proudly ENDORSE Raven Malone for ADEM!

  • Our Revolution

  • Progressive Delegates Network

  • Peninsula for Everyone

  • Roots Action

  • Hon. Sally Lieber, Mountain View Council Member

  • Hon. Lenny Siegel, former Mountain View Mayor

  • Hon. Antonio Lopez, East Palo Alto Council Member

  • Hon. Alysa Cisneros, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Omar Din, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Essy Stone, Purissima Hills Water District Director

  • Hon. Cory Wolbach, former Council Member

  • Richard Mehlinger, Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Chair

  • Cari Templeton, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner

  • Linda Sell, Sunnyvale Democratic Club VP

  • Dr. Meghan Fraley, Activist

  • Dr. Forest Peterson, Activist

  • Steve Chessin, Activist

  • Kevin Ma, Activist

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