Richard Mehlinger

Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission

Candidate Statement


It is an honor to be running to serve as an ADEM delegate for AD 24. I am chair of Livable Sunnyvale, a local organization that fights for housing, transportation and sustainability; chair of Sunnyvale’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee; and director-at-large of the Sunnyvale Democratic Club.* In those roles I’ve fought hard to build a more livable, equitable, sustainable Sunnyvale. Now, I’m asking for your vote as an ADEM delegate to bring that same leadership to our state Democratic Party.

I’m running to hold our party accountable. We have a Democratic governor and Democratic supermajorities in both houses of the legislature, but we’ve failed to deliver on the critical reforms California’s working people need to survive. It’s time to reboot our party, to prioritize equity, justice, and solidarity for hard-working Californians.

As your delegate, I will work to push our party to take real action to solve our state’s catastrophic housing crisis. That means more funding for low-income housing. It means stronger tenant protections, like statewide mobile home park rent control, backed by a statewide rental registry. It means desegregating our communities by legalizing multi-family housing in high-opportunity areas. And it means continuing the eviction moratorium, so that our residents don’t lose their homes in the middle of a pandemic.

I’ll also work to improve public and active transportation in our state. I’ll push the party to prioritize shifting funding from car infrastructure to public and active transportation, and to ensure that our public transportation systems are fully funded. And I’ll push the state to adopt governance reforms to ensure that large projects are delivered on time, on budget, and at the highest quality.

Finally, I’ll work to make our election system fairer. I support retiring first-past-the-post voting and the “jungle primary” in favor of ranked choice or approval voting, systems which better represent the preferences of voters. And I will work to require candidates to adopt a “no corporate money” pledge to be endorsed by the State Democratic Party.

To learn more about my campaign, please visit Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to earn your vote.

* Organization names for identification purposes only

We proudly ENDORSE Richard Mehlinger for ADEM!

  • Our Revolution

  • Progressive Delegates Network

  • Peninsula for Everyone

  • Roots Action

  • Silicon Valley Young Democrats

  • Hon. Sally Lieber, Mountain View Council Member

  • Hon. Lenny Siegel, former Mountain View Mayor

  • Hon. Antonio Lopez, East Palo Alto Council Member

  • Hon. Alysa Cisneros, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Omar Din, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Essy Stone, Purissima Hills Water District Director

  • Hon. Cory Wolbach, former Council Member

  • Cari Templeton, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner

  • Linda Sell, Sunnyvale Democratic Club VP

  • Dr. Meghan Fraley, Activist

  • Raven Malone, Activist

  • Dr. Forest Peterson, Activist

  • Steve Chessin, Activist

  • Kevin Ma, Activist

Partial list. Titles and organizations listed for identification purposes only.