Hon. Sally Lieber

Mountain View City Council Member-elect

Candidate Statement

My name is Sally Lieber. I am proud to be a Progressive, activist Democrat working to improve our Party and our communities. I’ve served on our local City Council, as Mayor, as a County Commissioner, and for three terms in the State Assembly. I’ve also served as an Assembly District delegate to our Democratic State Central Committee, and as the State Assembly’s Speaker pro Tempore.

The causes that I’ve championed include raising the statewide minimum wage, protecting and empowering survivors of human trafficking, clean air and clean water protections, energy efficiency, MediCare for All, healthy schools, rent stabilization and mobile home homeowners’ rights, gun violence reduction, policing and criminal justice reform, support for immigrants, including DACA youth and their families, and the abolition of ICE.

I strongly believe that our Party can and must do more to set a Progressive agenda for our state and to work toward inclusion and equity for all. As Democrats, we must stand up for action to reverse climate destruction, for full funding for education, student loan relief, affordable transportation, and housing for every Californian. We must do the hard work to help our communities recover from COVID and to restore our caring infrastructure: childcare, homecare, and healthcare.

I’m proud that my work has been rated 100% by the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, the California Labor Federation, and the League of Conservation Voters, and that the NRA, the fossil fuel industry, the insurance industry, and the makers of toxic chemicals have opposed me.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I would be honored to receive your vote and to have your support for the entire slate of grassroots, progressive candidates. You can find out more at www.sallylieber.org.

We proudly ENDORSE Sally Lieber for ADEM!

  • Our Revolution

  • Progressive Delegates Network

  • Peninsula for Everyone

  • Roots Action

  • Hon. Lenny Siegel, former Mountain View Mayor

  • Hon. Antonio Lopez, East Palo Alto Council Member

  • Hon. Alysa Cisneros, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Omar Din, Sunnyvale Council Member

  • Hon. Essy Stone, Purissima Hills Water District Director

  • Hon. Cory Wolbach, former Council Member

  • Richard Mehlinger, Sunnyvale Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Chair

  • Cari Templeton, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commissioner

  • Linda Sell, Sunnyvale Democratic Club VP

  • Dr. Meghan Fraley, Activist

  • Raven Malone, Activist

  • Dr. Forest Peterson, Activist

  • Steve Chessin, Activist

  • Kevin Ma, Activist

Partial list. Titles and organizations listed for identification purposes only.